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7 Money Rules You Must Follow to Become a Self-Made Success

For most of my life, I've incorrectly believed that certain people were predestined to be either rich, good looking, or popular.  Now that I'm older, I don't focus as much on the good looking or popular part, but the idea of building wealth still feels very important...

Crushing Your Retirement Savings: Tax Me Now or Tax Me Later

Let's say you've already read Should I Save Into a 401(k)? A Beginner's Guide and you're totally amped up to start saving for your future. You followed the instructions in the post and walked down to your HR department to get signed up in your company’s 401(k) plan....

Your Financial Life Scorecard: 10 Signs of a Truly Wealthy Life

If you’ve read our post Trust Me: You Don’t Want to Get Rich then you know living a truly wealthy life takes a whole heck of a lot more than just money. After years of personal screwups with money, intense personal development work, and deep conversations with my...

A Love Letter to My Roth IRA

My dearest Roth IRA, With each passing year my love for you only grows stronger. I’ve been with other investment accounts in the past and, admittedly, at the same time as I’ve been with you. But I wrote this letter to let you know why I love you-- and why my friends...

The 5 Biggest Wealth Killers to Avoid in Your 20s

We all want to have fun and enjoy our 20s. It’s an exciting time with new responsibilities, new friends, new career goals, and maybe even new cities. At the same time, we all need to be financially secure. But how? Start by Crushing the Average Your 20s have potential...

What is Passive Income and How Can it Change Your Life?

Imagine getting paid to do nothing. No, I’m not luring you into a “get rich quick” scheme. Just trust me for a minute and let your imagination wander. What would you do if you were free to go about your day as you please, knowing that your paycheck will still hit your...

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